About our PMA

In the summer of 2020, Motion Health formed a new legal entity called a private membership association (PMA).  We established this PMA out of reverence for your innate intelligence and design for thriving health and optimal wellness, recognizing a time and place for all methods of medicine while operating exclusively within the scope of practice. As a PMA, we will continue to serve you, yet in a radically fresh way by providing a safe space to evaluate personal health and wellness choices while also receiving effective care without fear of unreasonable consequence.  In the current medical and legislative landscape, we believe this model to be revolutionizing what progressive practitioners like us, as well as like-minded folks like you, can achieve. 

Our Invitation to You

Membership has its benefits, including:

  • A subscription to our monthly newsletter.

  • Access to our Members Only Community Platform.

  • Access to our Online Wellness Library.

  • Access to Monthly Member Events (virtual discussions, classes, and more!)

  • Member Discounts on consults, classes, and e-courses

  • A deeper, more personal relationship with your fellow Motion Health PMA members and care team (your wellness community!).

Ready to join?  Here's how:

  1. Complete our membership application and payment form by clicking "Become a Member" below.  

  2. Complete the Membership Agreement Form emailed to you once our application is processed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our private membership community!

Join now for one low price annually!

Individual Membership:  $20/year

Family Membership:  $25/year

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