Meet Motion Health, PMA

Choice Medicine Across Multiple Modalities

Our team of care providers and practitioners incorporates competency and evidence-based health with dedication member education.  We offer general wellness support as well as focused support for a variety of health challenges through a variety of modalities.  Our health support plans incorporate whole-person wellness through lifestyle recommendations, nutrition and nutraceuticals, botanical (herbal) support, homeopathy, movement-based therapies, mindfulness-based meditation, therapeutic coaching, and energy healing practices.  Members have the ultimate choice on their journey to wellness.  Our care providers observe, evaluate, and advise with the understanding that wellness is a personal journey.  Our service to you is to be the best health and wellness guide. 

Motion Health, PMA

3990 Walnut Drive

Eureka, CA  95503


Phone: 707-798-6136

Motion Health PMA professionals may be licensed medical doctors in their respective states, as well as non-licensed healing arts professionals who are highly trained but not licensed by any state medical board.

Jean Talleyrand, MD is a licensed medical doctor in the State of California. 

Crystal Morse, BCN/DNM is a healing arts professional, board-certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB).  Crystal is not a medical doctor/surgeon/physician, nor is she a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the State of California; she does not practice that scope of naturopathic medicine.  Crystal is an educator of health and wellness through unlicensed healing arts services advocating for nature as medicine. 

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